Weekly Update for June 20, 2020
June 20, 2020

Church Family,

We have reached a point where our church leadership feels that it is safe to return for in person worship.  We will be meeting at our regular time of 11am starting this Sunday, June 21st.  In order to manage risk to the best of our abilities, we will be following several safety protocols.  First, we are asking everyone who attends in person to wear a mask.  We will provide masks for anyone who is in need.  We understand that due to age (young children) or pre-existing medical conditions that some of you may not be able to wear a mask.  Apart from a medical exception, we ask that everyone wear a mask in order to protect others.

Second, we will be maintaining social distance protocols.  We will ask anyone who is not living in the same household to maintain six feet of distance.  We also ask you to refrain from hugs and handshakes.  We know that this will be especially hard for our children, but we believe we can manage if we work together.  We will also be limiting attendance to 50 people, in accordance with our state executive order and the recommendations of our county health department.

Third, we are asking everyone to use hand sanitizer as you enter the building.  If restrooms are needed, please be sure to wash your hands thoroughly following the posted CDC recommendations.  We are also asking anyone who uses the restrooms to use the provided sanitizing wipes to wipe down faucet handles and the paper towel dispensers.

Fourth, we are asking anyone who attends to only enter the foyer, bathrooms, and sanctuary.  All classrooms will be closed and locked.  There will be no nursery care provided, however we will open up the nursery if anyone needs access to the changing station or to feed a baby.  We ask that only one adult family member enter with each child and that you wipe down any surfaces you come into contact with, including door handles.

Fifth, we will be making a few changes to the service in order to minimize contact.  We will be asking that any tithes or offerings be placed in the collection baskets as you enter the sanctuary.  We will not be passing baskets at this time.  We are also asking all who are able to exit the sanctuary through the side doors which open into the portico.

Please note that if you are a high risk individual or if you are the caregiver for a high risk individual, we are recommending that you worship with us online rather than in person.  We are doing everything possible to minimize risk, but at this time there is no such thing as a zero risk gathering.  We will be maintaining all online services.  There is no pressure to return if you are not entirely comfortable.  We understand and empathize with the difficulty of these choices.

Finally, please note that in honor of Father’s Day, we will not be holding any evening services on Sunday June 21st.  This includes both the adult Bible study and teen youth group.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our pastors or board members.

In Christ,

Pastor Paul


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