COVID-19 Virus Response Update
May 23, 2020

Church Family,

There is a great deal of information going around from many sources, along with many opinions about that information.  As your church leadership, we are tasked with making the best decisions possible in order to both keep our congregation safe and find a way forward, back toward worshiping together in person.

At this point, we are seeking to balance two ideas.  The first is what we can do, and the second is what we should do.  I certainly agree that churches are essential.  I also believe that we need to be wise in these difficult times.  We trust in God to lead us and protect us.  We also make choices, such as running background checks and installing fire extinguishers, that help address the practical safety needs of our congregation.

In the State of NJ, our Governer’s current executive order prohibits indoor meetings of more than 10 people.  While in-car meetings are allowed, our board has discussed our options and decided that there are practical reasons not to meet in that manner at the current time.  We believe that the best way for us to continue to worship at this time is to meet online.  Our current model is to meet via Facebook live each Sunday morning at 11am for corporate worship.  We will also meet on Sunday evenings at 6pm via Facebook live.  Our teens will meet via Google Meets on Sunday evenings at 7pm.  We will also be having a prayer meeting and Bible study on Wednesdays at 6:30pm via Facebook live.  All live streams are recorded and re-posted both on our Facebook and our YouTube channel, Pennsville Nazarene.

So what does this mean for us?  For the near future, we believe the safety of our church and those who are cared for by our church members will be best served by continuing to suspend in person meetings.  We are currently working on written policies that will help us to meet safely again soon.  We are seeking information from the State and Federal government, as well as our local officials and our District Church leadership.  We are working to address issues of facility sanitation, handwashing, providing hand sanitizer, and plans for our children’s ministries.  Given the fact that we will be continuing to have a significant portion of our ministry being held online for the foreseeable future, we are making plans to expand the services we are offering.  We are working to incorporate the Zoom service in the near future, possibly for mid-day prayer or Sunday School.  We would also like to use Zoom to re-start our Men’s Bible study.  We will share information about these coming meetings as soon as they are finalized.

What we need from each and every one of you is prayer.  Please pray for wisdom as we seek God’s will for our congregation.  God will bring us through, and I believe that he has great days planned for our church.  We must be focused and patient, preparing for what He has planned for us.

In Christ,

Pastor Paul Darminio