Service Schedule Update
April 15, 2020
Church Family,
It has been a blessing to celebrate Holy Week with you, and I would like to share some more opportunities for us to worship and grow together.  Tonight, at 6:30pm, we will be going live on Facebook for our Wednesday Evening Bible study.  We will begin with a look at Psalm 46 and then spend some time talking about the disciples and their journey from Easter forward to Pentecost.
One important change: we will not be using the conference call line for meetings moving forward.  We have had significant technical issues and very few people have been able to join us that way.  For the time being, FaceBook and YouTube will be our main channels for distributing our services.  
For those of you who prefer not to use Facebook, we have also started a YouTube channel.  After the Bible study is finished, I will be uploading the video there.  Moving forward, I will post all of our services there so that those who do not use Facebook will have another option.  These videos will not be a live stream, but a posting of the already recorded services.  If you have any questions, please let us know.
We are working to improve our video and sound quality, we have some new equipment ordered that we hope will help us.

Here are some links to our channel and recent videos. please feel free to share the links!

Service Schedule:
Wednesday @ 6:30pm, Bible Study (Live on FaceBook, reposted on YouTube)
Sunday @ 11:00am, Sunday Morning Worship (Live on FaceBook, reposted on YouTube)
Sunday @ 6:00pm, Sunday Evening BIble Study (Live on FaceBook, reposted on YouTube)
Sunday @ 7:00pm, Youth Group (Live on Google Hangout)
In Christ,
Pastor Paul