Addiction Support and Recovery

Offering support for those struggling with addictions.  Support group is based on the 12 steps (AA). As the name implies, these groups maintain the anonymity of those in attendance. This is to encourage people to seek help with the comfort of maintaining their privacy.

Community Service
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The Church, broken and poured out with God's love for the world.

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A place for students in 6th through 12th grade.  

We’re a bunch of pre-teen, middle- and high-schoolers that play hard, pray hard and are searching for Truth from the Word of God! At least twice a week, we join together to read and study God’s Word, talk about pressing issues in our world, pray for one another and we have a blast doing it! Whenever we meet, three things always happen: we laugh, we learn and we worship the King of Kings!

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Infant - Grade 5...  To educate children about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to unite with families in developing the relationship with Jesus as they grow and mature.