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11/12/17: Behold His Glory!
November 12, 2017
Pastor Chris Baker
Exodus 34:29-35
We are in week 16 of our 17-week sermon series titled, “The Great Exodus.” God has been teaching the Israelites to trust Him in all situations. They have learned to trust Him for deliverance from their enemies (at the Red Sea), for health and healing (at Marah), and for food and guidance (in the wilderness of Sin). They have also learned to trust Him for water and refreshment (at Massah-Meribah) and for victory over their enemies in battle (at Rephidim). Today we see the face of Moses literally glowing from being in the presence of the Lord. Is there any evidence that you have been in the presence of the Lord? Can others tell there is something different about you? Should they be?

These are all things we will examine today!
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